what is film photography? 

You may or may not be of an age to remember a time when film was the only option when it came to photography. Having to buy rolls of film for your camera, rolling it in the back, taking about 36 exposures then having to get that developed at a photo lab before you even had a chance to glimpse the image you captured. In this digital age we have all adapted to snapping an image and getting instant gratification by seeing it and being able to share it on social media within seconds. It has taken away the fine art of photography; the creation of an image within a camera, the capability of freezing a perfect moment in time, the timeless beauty of a film photograph. 

The film photography community is bringing that back; one click of the camera at a time. I am a film photographer and in love with the medium of film photography...read on to understand what that means for you and your wedding.

digital vs film photography

Digital cameras are amazing and effortless tools for photography. With one memory card you can shoot thousands of images without the expensive need for film...but of those images taken, only a small amount make it to a final batch of delivered photos. The speed and effortless manner of which digital photography is taken leaves the potential for less thought in each image. A digital camera also has a preview button and screen to be sure the desired shot was taken...but in having that, a digital photographer can spend a lot of time throughout a day viewing those photos to adjust settings and ensure moments were captured; time that won't be spent being present in the current moment, time missing new moments. Beyond that, a digital camera captures images by using pixels and lacks the vibrancy that a film strip absorbs within the camera. 

The film camera involves much more thought to ensure that every image has the correct film exposure, composition, and lighting. An image is created within the camera rather than just snapped upon happenstance as a part of 100 clicks. The result of a film image is beautiful; film speed and grain, response curves, and tonal range are all remarkable in a film image. A film strip absorbs light and creates a soft, romantic, and beautiful image. Film is remarkable when it comes to skin tones resulting in creamy colours and glowing skin. 

To top it off, you will not feel as if the paparazzi is covering your wedding. You will not hear thousands of clicks in your face or be forced to smile as exposure and settings are adjusted, the camera is clicked and clicked, the image is viewed on the back screen, and then come more clicks. With film, images are thoughtfully composed and carefully crafted to capture special moments with purpose. I won't be spending the day looking down at my camera to see what I have already captured (as I cannot with a film camera), I will be in each and every moment and creating a beautiful image of that moment. 


The simple fact is that comparing digital to film quality is like comparing apples to oranges. One cannot simply go out with a digital camera and a film camera and compare the quality or benefits of each as there is too much to consider. One thing that is for certain; in my experience, a film photograph is unrivalled. Shooting with a film camera is an art for me. I am truly present in each and every moment and always striving to create the most beautiful photograph of your most important life events. I am PASSIONATE about shooting film and creating the most perfect photographs for you.


the film process

  1. The highest quality film stocks and cameras are used
  2. A professional light meter helps determine camera settings and correct exposure of film while photographing
  3. Exposed film rolls are sent to a professional photo lab to be developed
  4. Lab uses quality scanners to scan the film negatives into high resolution digital files
  5. Files are sent to me where I can then edit the images as needed
  6. Beautiful digital files of the film photographs are then delivered to the client